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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my event?

Lead time depends on the type of event, venue and the size of your party.

It is best to select a date and start planning as early as possible. For instance, the ideal time to plan a  wedding is typically twelve months.

How do I decide what to serve my guests?

Plated Service vs Buffet? As a full-service catering company, Exquisito’s team will guide you through a variety of menu and service options based on the type of event, taste preference, and budget.

Does Exquisito Catering offer menu options for special diets?

Please mention your dietary requirements and specific needs. We are happy to accommodate any special diet as we are familiar with our recipe ingredients, and are experienced in making appropriate recommendations for healthy eating, food allergy restrictions, and lifestyle.

Is it possible to sample Exquisito’s food?

As part of our event-planning service, you will have the opportunity to meet Chef Jimmy to discuss menu options and sample some dishes, based on your selections.

Where will the food be cooked?

Exquisito’s food is personally prepared by chef Jimmy Prieto and his staff, at our dedicated, fully licensed, commercial kitchen facility. Once at the event venue, dishes are professionally arranged, presented and served in perfect condition. According to the highest industry standards.

How do I book an event with Exquisito Catering?

Contact the Exquisito team via email or telephone to discuss a suitable date and

schedule a consultation meeting with Chef Jimmy. Exquisito will present a written proposal detailing your complete catering package. At this time a booking deposit is required to confirm the event, and lock-in your date.

What forms of payment does Exquisito Catering take?

We accept most common forms of payment including Check, Visa, MasterCard, Zelle, and Cash.

What is Exquisito Catering’s cancellation policy?

Should it become necessary for the client to cancel an event, and the event date is less than thirty (30) days the booking deposit is not refundable.

Contact Exquisito Catering for Additional Information.

          Bon Appetit!                                                 Buen Provecho!  

         Buon Appetito!                                          Bom Appetite!     


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